✩ Inside my Jewellery box ✩

Jasper bangle El Minara - Copper cuff bought in Jakarta - Citrine ring self made - Agate earrings bought in Jakarta - Amazonite bracelet self made - Jade bangle Jade markets in Hong Kong - Mixed stone bangles bought in Jakarta - Ornate Turquoise ring Chic Mart, Jakarta - Blue Topaz ring bought in Ubud, Bali - Turquoise pendant bought in Ubud, Bali

I was never that big on jewellery until I began having an interest in gemstones. The emotional & spiritual effect they can have on us astounded me. As I started to get in tune with my own reactions to certain gems & open up my heart to their effects I realised what a great medium jewellery can be for their powers. Since then I have hunted for pieces on all my travels. Searching for bangles, ring, necklaces & earrings that are not only beautiful, but that I feel connected to. It also reintroduced me to one of my favourite rituals, which is making my own jewellery using stones that speak to me or that I feel I need in my life at that time. It's insanely fun & a very enriching experience to create your own charms & baubles that hold a personal meaning, I recommend it to anyone! Here are a few stone & other material meanings I really connected to inspired by the book The Pocket Book of Stones by Robert Simmons.

1. Fancy Jasper - Helps to deal with the mundane parts of life with efficiency & good humour.It prevents procrastination & assists in creating plans for the future. It helps to put big fears into perspective & grounding you giving you a "just do it" attitude towards whatever needs to be completed (Better toss some of this on during assignment time as I can be the queen of procrastination)

2. Copper -  My great grandfather used to wear copper to aid with his arthritis. Copper is known as a good source of alignment whether it be spiritual or referring to health. I like to wear copper to assist with my bad circulation, but also because it is known to be a good conductor for spiritual energy. Copper can be stored with stones to help realign their distinctive energies & keep them balanced for use later on.

3. Citrine - I love everything about this stone. From the fact that it's name citrine is derived from the french word for lemon 'Citron' to its powers of opening up the imagination. Personally I find this stone really helps in enhancing my fun and creative side. I love wearing it when I'm sketching or making jewellery.

4. Amazonite - In my experience there is no denying the powers of this stone. Even in small quantities I am greatly affecting. It is named after the important amazonite deposits found at the Amazon river. This is definitely the stone of truth. You will find yourself voicing opinions you didn't know you had and wiser beyond your normal view points. I love wearing it when I'm working on my acting craft, but am careful about wearing it in a social setting where the truth may not be so highly appreciated. Amazonite is also thought to assist in making your dreams & intensions come true. By holding the stone/wearing it while expressing what it is you desire it will help motivate you to make your goals come into fruition.

5. Jade - Jade has always been associated with good luck & money for me because of my upbringing around Asian cultures. I had never realised it's powers beyond the Chinese beliefs I had been exposed to growing up. Jade is also a great stone to wear while among nature to soak up its full earth force. You can also wear this when you're feeling a bit nature deprived to bring the earth vibes back into your life. Also I'm going to try wearing it to sleep tonight as its supposed to bring harmonious & nourishing vibrations good for dreaming.

6. Turquoise - I adore turquoise. It is just the most mellow stone & makes me feel so nostalgic for a time past. It's hippie dippie vibe has such a calming affect on me. I love wearing it on the weekend when I have a chance to let my boho freak flag fly. I probably also feel recharged & happy when I wear it because its striking blue colouring is  a result of it being made up of copper. Turquoise supports the qualities of wholeness, truth & communication. Helping one to articulate their deepest wisdom. It also induces a sense of balance & helps with feeling serenity & peacefulness. By wearing turquoise you can lift depleted spirits & see the world in a new way.

7. Blue Topaz - I have since given away this ring to a friend who it suited much better. Although I should probably try to find or create another piece with this stone because its qualities are ones that I would love in my life. It can help to improve one's attention span & concentration. It helps make decisions about what elements you do & do not want in your life. It also gives you a connection to your inner guide. Unfortunately it is very hard to find Blue Topaz in its natural form in which it has the greatest potential for spiritual work. I'm pretty sure this ring had treatment to enhance its colour, but I will definitely be on the look out for untouched pieces of this stone for future use.