◆◇ Dangerous Liaisons ◇◆

This film was one that took a lot of name dropping to get my boyfriend to give a chance, but no time at all for him to become invested in the plot line once he did. It may put off some because it is a historical drama. You might think why don't I just watch the modernised Reese Witherspoon version? Although I am a fan of the adaption, Cruel Intentions, I have to admit it's no comparison to this film. The story line focuses on the protocols of the 1700 society & how they are broken to provide entertainment for the affluent Marquise de Merteuil's & Vicomte de Valmont. It also makes you think about the unfair divide between the genders at that time & the prejudices towards women's sexuality that still remain today. Along with of course an important message about love & how toying with it, even for the sake of a revenge, can have dire consequences. This is not a chick flick. This is a sophisticated tale following a myriad of events. The cast is superbly talented & in the words of the converted (my boyfriend) "any movie that can make John Malkovich look sexy must be pretty good".