♡ When I grow up I want to be Jemima Kirke ♡

My acting recently asked me what it was that I love about acting? One of my answers consisted of the amazing feeling & surge of inspiration I get when watching other actors. She then asked me who were the actors that inspired me the most? I wasn't surprised by my answer of Dinero, Pacino and Nicholson...I mean who doesn't admire their talent? I was more appalled by the fact that none of my inspirations including any female talent. No wonder I felt so afloat & lost in my acting, I hadn't found an appropriate female role model to be inspired by. I then went home & had an epiphany that those feelings I had described had also affected me while I watched Lena Dunham's show Girls. Now even though I think all the girls are great actresses in their own way it has to be Jemima Kirke's ability to transition from actress to artist to mother so seamlessly that really inspires me. The ability to not sacrifice one dream for another, now that's something to look up to.