Prosciutto wraps = yum yum

Now I'm not one to post much about food, but when I discover something new that tastes delicious & is  incredibly easy to make I am definitely one to want to share. This simple as 'recipe' was inspired by a late night dilemma of 'what are we going to eat for dinner?' Reaching for the take out menus it turned out the only place open was our local pizza shop. In an attempt to avoid unnecessary unhealthiness in my diet (necessary being such things as chocolate...) I opted for this entree instead of pizza. To my delight they were fresh, filling & easy to replicate for myself at home.

Prosciutto Wraps

What you'll need:

- Prosciutto or any other kind of sliced meat, I also used Serrano ham (as pictured above)
- a small bag of rocket salad
- balsamic glaze
- shaved parmesan ham


- lay the meat out flat
- place a bunch of rocket on one side of the meat
- sprinkle some pamersan shavings on top
- cover with a touch of blasamic glaze
- roll up
& enjoy! Yum!