♡ When I grow up I want to be Jemima Kirke ♡

My acting recently asked me what it was that I love about acting? One of my answers consisted of the amazing feeling & surge of inspiration I get when watching other actors. She then asked me who were the actors that inspired me the most? I wasn't surprised by my answer of Dinero, Pacino and Nicholson...I mean who doesn't admire their talent? I was more appalled by the fact that none of my inspirations including any female talent. No wonder I felt so afloat & lost in my acting, I hadn't found an appropriate female role model to be inspired by. I then went home & had an epiphany that those feelings I had described had also affected me while I watched Lena Dunham's show Girls. Now even though I think all the girls are great actresses in their own way it has to be Jemima Kirke's ability to transition from actress to artist to mother so seamlessly that really inspires me. The ability to not sacrifice one dream for another, now that's something to look up to.


Sometimes we have to create our own Sunshine...☼

Denim jacket Zara - Batik dress bought in Jakarta - Boots Steve Madden

So we had a little break from the rain over the weekend, which was wonderful because my boo & I got the chance to enjoy a lazy, sunny afternoon together. As my love got his hair cut I explored, the appropriately named for the weather, suburb of Summer hill. I sipped on chai lattes, discovered an amazing little candy store & picked up these beautiful sunflowers. They are now sprinkled around our house & will hopefully bring me light & motivate me to start packing for my trip to LA by reminding me that it's summer on the other side of the world despite all our rain here! 


Where has the sun gone? ☀

Turquoise necklace from Ubud, Bali - Shirt Bershka - Floral pants Asos - Sandals from LA

The last few days have definitely been gloomier than usual. I am not a winter person, in fact I think I suffer from that SADS thing that everyone's always going on about. I found a wonderful list of ways to curb the effects of gloomy winter days on the Free People website which included incorporating warm colours into your life. So I decided to liven up my outfit with a bit of spring time even though it's the completely wrong season.


Prosciutto wraps = yum yum

Now I'm not one to post much about food, but when I discover something new that tastes delicious & is  incredibly easy to make I am definitely one to want to share. This simple as 'recipe' was inspired by a late night dilemma of 'what are we going to eat for dinner?' Reaching for the take out menus it turned out the only place open was our local pizza shop. In an attempt to avoid unnecessary unhealthiness in my diet (necessary being such things as chocolate...) I opted for this entree instead of pizza. To my delight they were fresh, filling & easy to replicate for myself at home.

Prosciutto Wraps

What you'll need:

- Prosciutto or any other kind of sliced meat, I also used Serrano ham (as pictured above)
- a small bag of rocket salad
- balsamic glaze
- shaved parmesan ham


- lay the meat out flat
- place a bunch of rocket on one side of the meat
- sprinkle some pamersan shavings on top
- cover with a touch of blasamic glaze
- roll up
& enjoy! Yum! 


Bottle Rocket.

I'm a sucker for quirky films & no-one does quirky like Wes Anderson. I hadn't taken the time to watch Bottle Rocket until it was on sale at my local vid shop, but now I don't know why I waited so long. I have new found respect for the Wilson brothers as both actors & writers. If you're lacking inspiration & need a bit of a creative shake up don't miss this film. The soundtrack is great too including bands such as Love, The Proclaimers & Guido & Marizio del Angelis.


✧ Get back in the Groove ✧

It feels like forever since I've even been inspired enough to come up with something to post. I've been through & am just coming out the other end of an artistic slump. Working a job that did not feed my creativity. In fact it squashed any & all energy I usually channel into my art, life & acting. Unfortunately working shitty jobs is sometimes part of what we do as artists. I mean we have to eat too right?