Sun Soaking ☀ // Found Flora Part II ❀

Sunnies Coco Liberace - Top Bershka - Shorts Topshop - Bag handmade leather from Yoyakarta - Scarf vintage from my Mum bought in Paris - Flats Witchery

Sydney's weather is so unpredictable. The other day we were struggling to find a cool spot to take a photo that wasn't soaking in the afternoon sun like the rest of the city. Today there's nothing but non-stop rain. Suddenly a little bit of sunshine doesn't seem so bad.

I also took a sunny stroll back to our house where I collected up Frangipanis to put into a ley for our Ganesha. I had to try it on as a floral crown as well though. Once this rain lets up I'm planning to collect some Lasiandra (the purple flower I'm currently obsessed with) blossoms and make a couple more floral creations!