Keindahan Alam // Natural Beauty

I've really been digging the idea of natural beauty products recently. Instead of covering myself head to toe in chemicals I can't even pronounce I thought I'd give mixing up my own remedies a try. A few of my beauty essentials had begun to run low so I grabbed a few natural alternatives from The Cruelty Free Shop in Glebe. Both literally & spiritually cleansing :

Triology Rose Hip Oil - Great for rebalancing skins natural oils. I've heard it's best used every second day.
Witch Hazel Wipes - Great alternative to make up removing wipes
Witch Hazel - Can't wait to use this in future beauty projects
Hemp Oil Body Milk - probably my favourite new discovery. I've been reading up a lot about the history of hemp & its former uses in the world. This body milk is mostly comprised of hemp seed oil, but also contains rose, lavender & geranium essences yum!

I've also included the ingredients for my new favourite natural face mask that I picked up from the blog Sincerely Kinsey. I chose to use Manuka Honey for my version because it has great softening properties & is so rich in texture, great for crushing bananas☺