Simplest DIY ever ☮

Found Flora has become one of my favourite posts to do so I wanted to share with you one of my new favourite ways to use the flowers I've been finding. I am currently obsessed with making leis. As usual I went out today with Ganesha in mind as I picked out my materials, but for those of you who prefer fashion over spirituality these leis can be made into necklaces, floral crowns, bracelets, anklets or anything else your imagination comes up with.

Found Flora Lei

what you'll need:

- flowers 
-coloured thread


Autumn/Winter ❄☁ vs Summer/Spring ☼❀ Hippie Styling...

Bold print dress vintage found in a costume room - Belt Vintage - Necklace Tree of Life - Moonstone Tree of Life - Mixed gemstone bangle bought in Jakarta - Citrine Ring self made - Cowboy Boots Zara
Patterned Maxi Mango - Amazonite Bracelet self made - Jasper bangle El Minara - Sandals Bershka

I've been having a bit of trouble dealing with the recent change of weather. Having grown up in the tropics means I now struggle to style myself for the colder months of the year. While searching for inspiration I struck up a conversation with Ant about hippie & bohemian style & all the different forms it comes in. You have flower power hippies, beatnik hippies, crystal hippies, feral hippies, 70s groovy hippies & many more. Out of all of that I tried to come up with a couple of outfits that were not only comfortable, but that would also suit the weather outside. For Autumn/Winter I channeled a 70s vibe incorporating bold prints & leather accessories. Then for Spring/Summer I stuck to my favourite of the bunch flower plower with a light maxi & of course flowers! Hope you like it...


☀☁☂ In Aussie Season: Fruit & Veg

I've been in a bit of transition period lately mostly in the health & awareness part of my life. I've been trying to eat & live a bit cleaner while figuring out conscious ways to leave a smaller carbon foot print. A great source of inspiration & motivator for all of this has been the Free People blog. Unfortunately one of my favourite posts they do is on the fruits and vegetables that are are in season. Being on the other side of the world means I'm always in the opposite season to them. So I decided to pull out some of the seasonal fruits & veg here in Oz that we bought for this weeks meals & snacks.

berries (raspberries)

capsicums (red,yellow & green)


Sun Soaking ☀ // Found Flora Part II ❀

Sunnies Coco Liberace - Top Bershka - Shorts Topshop - Bag handmade leather from Yoyakarta - Scarf vintage from my Mum bought in Paris - Flats Witchery

Sydney's weather is so unpredictable. The other day we were struggling to find a cool spot to take a photo that wasn't soaking in the afternoon sun like the rest of the city. Today there's nothing but non-stop rain. Suddenly a little bit of sunshine doesn't seem so bad.

I also took a sunny stroll back to our house where I collected up Frangipanis to put into a ley for our Ganesha. I had to try it on as a floral crown as well though. Once this rain lets up I'm planning to collect some Lasiandra (the purple flower I'm currently obsessed with) blossoms and make a couple more floral creations! 


Keindahan Alam // Natural Beauty

I've really been digging the idea of natural beauty products recently. Instead of covering myself head to toe in chemicals I can't even pronounce I thought I'd give mixing up my own remedies a try. A few of my beauty essentials had begun to run low so I grabbed a few natural alternatives from The Cruelty Free Shop in Glebe. Both literally & spiritually cleansing :

Triology Rose Hip Oil - Great for rebalancing skins natural oils. I've heard it's best used every second day.
Witch Hazel Wipes - Great alternative to make up removing wipes
Witch Hazel - Can't wait to use this in future beauty projects
Hemp Oil Body Milk - probably my favourite new discovery. I've been reading up a lot about the history of hemp & its former uses in the world. This body milk is mostly comprised of hemp seed oil, but also contains rose, lavender & geranium essences yum!

I've also included the ingredients for my new favourite natural face mask that I picked up from the blog Sincerely Kinsey. I chose to use Manuka Honey for my version because it has great softening properties & is so rich in texture, great for crushing bananas☺


Found Flora ✿✿

Before this week I didn't have much time to buy flowers, which for me was unbearable. Having flowers in the house is up there for me with having the right type of tea in your kitchen cupboard. It's not life or death, but it's definitely nice to have. I found a great way to save time in collecting flowers on my walk home. Here are a few inspirations for how to use collected flowers in your life. Most of the flowers I found ended up as offerings for our Ganesha, but I saved one for myself ☮


◂◃ Purple Haze all in my brain ▷▸

Top Berskha - Shorts Dotti - Flats Witchery
I finally got a chance today to use my Free People hair chalk. I've been looking forward to it for a while, but unfortunately purple hair doesn't go down very well at my work. I can't wait to try out some different colour combos very soon!

Easter Sunday stroll...❀

After a big Easter Lebanese feast I decided to take a stroll around my local neighbourhood to collect some frangipani flowers. I wanted to use them to adorn our Ganesha idol, but I was hoping there would be other flowers as well to photograph along the way. I was definitely glad I brought my camera along. A great end to a great day.

Happy Easter ✞