❋ Featherdale Wildlife Park ❋

Sunnies Free People - Shirt found at my house - Shorts Bershka - Converse
Hope you've all had a good Good Friday :) Check out the Featherdale website here its got all kinds of info on local animals & visiting the park. Way too much fun.

Circa 1969 ✌

For some reason lately I've been feeling really nostalgic for a time when things were simpler, musicians didn't use auto tunes & fashion was an expression of self. My feeling was only intensified when my new hippie stylin' sunnies from Free People arrived. They made me feel like I could be transported back to '69 & feel the freedom once felt.


It's ''Passiflora'' time of year ☼ ✿

I love this time of year. When the neighbour's passion fruit vine creeps a little further into our yard displaying its impressive Passifloras. Not only do they look amazing, but they smell so sweet like the fruit they bare. This is a sketch I did of the flowers last year. I'm hoping the flowers will bring along some inspiration to get me sketching again.


⋆⋆This & That⋆⋆

Making time has been a bit of an issue lately. I'm so excited about my first day off in a while. Being so busy means taking photos has gone from 'whenever I feel inspired' to 'whenever I have time'. Light has also been an issue. I never realised until now how much I've taken the beautiful light you get from early morning sunshine for granted. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go out & appreciate it again soon. For now here's a little this & a little that...


Simplest DIYs ever ✩

Gem Encrusted Jar

what you'll need:

- a plain jar. It's a great way to fancy up a old jam jar or a piece from an op shop.
-Gem stones. I'm using Citrine this time.
- a good solid adhesive
- blu tac

Blu tac is a great way to experiment with the placement of the gems stones before you commit to glueing them down. I love the the raw look of gems in their 'nugget' form, but you can experiment & create patterns with smaller stones as well.

Bow Ring:

what you'll need:

- simple silver or gold ring
- small piece of ribbon


⋘ What I'm reading ⋙

Uni work and actual work have been taking up so much of my time lately. Consequently my reading list has been suffering a bit. When I was on holidays I was burning through it, but now I'm having to put a bookmark in some of my recent reads including:

1. Frankie Magazine
A wonderful source of inspiration. I love to just pick a random page & work with it.

2. The Pocket Book of Stones by Robert Simmons
I'm glad I chose to buy the pocket version of this book. I'm always bringing it to the bead shop or to Indonesia for looking up stones on the go.

3. Canon D-LSR Shooting Modes (Camera bag companion)
One of the first purchases I made after getting my camera. I'm a bit technology challenged so a handbook with clear instructions is always of use.

4. On the Road by Jack Kerouac
I find the book's 'stream of consciousness' narrative refreshing. Unfortunately though the unique way in which the book was written makes it a bit difficult to follow at times, but I promised myself I'd  read the book before I even thought about watching the movie. So here I am taking it for what it is/was. A revolutionary piece of literature.

5. The Touch of Silk by Betty Roland
I'm reading this play as part of my Australia on stage course. An Aussie tragedy set in the time leading up to the Great Depression. Its protagonist is a French girl far from home trying to hold onto her roots & keep her relationship with an local battler from falling apart against the harshest of back drops. A new favourite for sure.

6. Salads
Meat free week is upon us. Unfortunately I forgot to sign up & participate. So I'm planning to redeem myself by overdosing on delicious salads.

7. last but not least...Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary per usual


Nail art // inspiration

Inspiration can strike at any moment. It can come from anything around you. Strike while the irons hot. Follow those inspirations no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. You never know where they might lead you...


Sedap Malam // The Blog

I'm not sure if there is an obvious connection between the posts I've written so far. So I wanted to share with you my hopes for this blog.

Sedap Malam is a blog that wanders the path of creativity. My goal is to explore the concept of inspiration through Art, spirituality & everyday self expression.

I believe every person walking this earth has hidden artistic tendencies. I am hoping to awaken those inner artists by sharing my own attempts at photography, sketches, through film recommendations, style & other creative endeavours. I love learning new skills & I am constantly searching for ways to bring imagination to life!

(along with my sketching of the blog title I included a few of my sketches form 2012) 

☮Happy Nyepi☮

I hope you all had a serene and calming day today. My Nyepi was beautiful & filled with lots of sunshine. As it is traditionally a day of silence I decided to try out a few quiet activities including preparing a special offering for our Ganesha idol. Ant brought him back from Bali when we visited and this is his first Nyepi in our house. Hopefully he is feeling the love ✌ ☮


✡ Sun-Dazeee

This weekend Ant took me down to the South Coast of Sydney to check out some of the sights & to plan where we want to go camping. He took me to two beautiful spots one in the middle of forest shrubbery and the second on a gorgeous beach front. Decisions, decisions.....but we might plan to go the beach route while the weathers still kind. What type of camping do you prefer? Forest or beach?